Leftover Lamb-Tzatziki Sandwiches

Leftover Lamb-Tzatziki Sandwiches Today I used up some of the delicious slow-coooker leg of lamb I made a few days ago. I decided to make sandwiches and this is how they turned out. Seriously they were amazing!

Here is what you need to create these:

Tzatkiki (either homemade or buy from your local grocery store)
Feta Cheese
Soft buns. I bought a new kind and they were perfect. I didn't want Kaisers or Hamburger buns and these were perfect
Olives. I used black olives but my husband asked for green olives.
Leftover lamb, shredded or thin slices

 These are the soft buns I used.
It's your choice how much meat to put on each sandwich but this is the amount I used for my husband. Then I took a chunk of feta cheese (which I crumbled before adding to the sandwich)

Spread both halves of the bun with a generous amount of Tzatkiki. 

Next add the meat  - as much as you want
Now the feta cheese. Mmmmmmm
Then add tomatoes and lettuce. I put my olives on the side but you could slice them and add them to the sandwich. There's no lettuce in this photo because I didn't have any. 


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