Butternut Squash Pizza - Oh Yum!

Today I made Butternut Squash Pizza. I'd seen a photo of mini-pizzas using butternut squash as the base and I knew I had to try them.

Not having a recipe, I decided to cut the rounds from the non-seed end of the squash, then peel them. Next time I'll peel first, then cut!

I did mine in two steps but next time I will do them in three. By two steps I mean I put everything except the cheese on my squash rounds, then I roasted them in a 375' oven on parchment lined baking sheet for 40 minutes. Stage 2 was to add the cheeses and put back in oven until cheese melted.

UPDATE: My toppings burnt slightly doing this in two stages so next time I  roasted the squash rounds for 30 -40 minutes at 375' after I put some olive oil and sea salt on them.  I actually did that in the morning and left them until evening to finish up. Then I aded the sauce, and the toppings (but not the cheeses) and roasted for another 20 minutes. Third stage was to add the cheeses and return to oven until cheeses melted (a few minutes).

Squash rounds with sauce and basil. This is what I got from one squash

Here's my list of ingredients, but of course yours will be whatever pizza toppings you like.
Extra virgin Olive Oil to brush on butternut squash rounds
Sea salt to sprinkle on squash rounds
Pizza Sauce to brush on top of squash rounds  
Basil leaves to spread thinly on top of sauce 

Toppings are your choice. I used thinly slice zucchini, mushrooms, spanish onion, raw bacon and kolbassa sausage cut in thin rounds.  I meant to add red pepper but forgot. 

Second batch with Mozarella

For cheese I used cheddar because I didn't have any mozzarella, and I also added one chunk of feta cheese. Next time I want to use mozzrella and add a bit of goat cheese instead of feta, although the feta was good.
 You can see that some of the outer edges got a bit crispy but boy oh boy was this good! My husband loved them. You can pick them up in your fingers or use a fork and spoon. It's your choice! Think how much fun it would be to make these for your family on a Friday night while you watch movies.

Good times!


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