Not Your Usual Grilled Cheese No. 6: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Not Your Usual Grilled Cheese No. 6: Everything But the Kitchen Sink
This was by far hubs' and my favourite grilled cheese so far. This time I had a block of real cheddar cheese! I decided to use up the last of some Honey Ham (for hubs) and turkey (for me) and of course I had to add the obligatory avocado.

Along with those ingredients I pulled out eggs, fresh tomatoes, Tzatziki sauce, bacon, lime and salt and pepper. I almost added sweet red pepper but restrained myself. And as I almost always do, I set out a teaspoon of ground Flax Seed.

First I cooked the bacon. If you read my blog you know I cook my bacon in the oven. So easy and tastes great.

While the bacon was cooking I prepped my avocado by peeling and slicing it, then squeezing 1/4 of a lime over it, followed by a liberal salting. That's one of two things I love salt on - avocado and fresh tomato!

Setting the avocado aside, I sliced my tomato. Then I scooped out about 1/2 a cup of Tzatziki sauce and tossed in a teaspoon of Flax Seed. Mix that up and set it aside.

Prep the ingredients
I like to crack my eggs into separate dishes so I can inspect them for yukky things. I also break the yolk then too and I added some more Flax Seed - about 1/2 teaspoon for 2 eggs.

My next job was to slice the cheddar cheese and get out the slices of meat. I rarely eat processed meats but there's one brand I don't mind. It has zero Trans Fat so once or twice a year I treat myself to their thin-sliced turkey.  I don't eat ham but hubs loves it so he got Honey Ham.

I hesitated over that avocado - leave it sliced and place on the sandwich or mash it up and mix it with the Tzatziki. Either would be fine but this time I left it in slices.

A bit of margarine or butter on one side of each of 4 pieces of thick white bread, then butter side down into  a fry pan or griddle. But don't turn it on yet! Next spread the Tzatziki - Flax Seed mix on the unbuttered side. Start layering: whatever order you want, but I did the meat, avocado and tomato. I still hadn't started grilling the bread as I wanted to wait until the bacon was ready.

Tzatziki & Flax Seed
A minute before the bacon was done, I gently fried my eggs, flipped them and put the cheese on top to melt slightly. Then I added the egg to each sandwich, followed by bacon. At this point I started grilling the bread. When it was almost brown and toasty enough I put the slice of bread on top of the pile of goodies, then placed tin foil over it and a heavy pan on top of that. It's the only way I can squish the grilled cheese enough to manage it!

Then it's just a matter of watching the grilled cheese so the bread doesn't burn, but the insides are warmed up and the cheese is melted and gooey.

This was seriously so tasty! Hubs suggested we buy a food truck and call it "Say Cheese" then take it around so I can make Grilled Cheese sandwiches! That won't be happening.....

Eggs sprinkled with Flax Seed
Tzatziki spread on the bread on the griddle
 Add the meat
 Add avocado
 Add tomatoes
 Frying the eggs (with Flax seed)
 Eggs and cheese go on top of the sandwich bread
 You can't go wrong with bacon!
Put the top slice of grilled bread on top of the sandwich
 I weighed the sandwiches down with a heavy pot on top of tin foil
Sandwich ready to cut and eat!


Celia Lewis said…
My kind of grilled cheese sandwich (without the salt)- looks wonderfully yummy!!
I agree Celia - I honestly rarely use salt! But on avocado or fresh tomatoes I can't resist.

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