Not Your Usual Grilled Cheese No. 5: With Pickles & Zucchini

Not Your Usual Grilled Cheese No. 5: With Pickles & Zucchini
Yep, I'm still on a Grilled Cheese kick! This morning a friend sent me a recipe for Grilled Cheese with chopped Dill Pickles.

That got me thinking because I love pickles on hot dogs and hamburgers, and I always have one as a side with a regular Grilled Cheese.

So why not add my favourite pickle (not dills) to my grilled cheese? Then I guess I got a bit carried away because I sauteed some thinly slice zucchini, and pulled out some jars of my homemade Zucchini Relish and Sweet Chili Relish to add.......  but boy these were good!

Here's my list of ingredients:

  • Sliced processed cheese (that's right, I still have not bought a block of cheddar cheese!)
  • Grated Cheddar Cheese - it comes in a bag, pre-grated. I buy the kind that has both white and yellow cheese
  • Zucchini 
  • Sandwich Saver Pickles. I love these things! But feel free to use whatever pickle you prefer
  • Zucchini Relish (see recipe)
  • Kak's Chili Sauce (see recipe)
  • Horseradish Aioli
First I sauteed my zucchini slices until they were nice and golden brown. I love zucchini and the amount you see here were all for my sandwich.

Hubs is not fond of zucchini and since I was sneaking in my zucchini relish I figured I better omit the zucchini slices for his grilled cheese.

Next butter your bread on one side of each slice, and place half the slices, butter side down, on a griddle. You can start heating it now or you can wait until you've layered the whole sandwich and put the other half of the bread on top.

I used Flax bread because that is all we had in the fridge! (Today is grocery shopping day)

Then I placed cheese slices, pickles and on mine (on the left) I added sauteed zucchini. The pickles I used are sliced nice and thin. You can see them on the right

Now I started putting on all my yummy relishes - the Sweet Chili Sauce (hubs' grandmother Kak's recipe) and my Zucchini relish.

I also sprinkled about 1 tsp. of ground Flax seed (1/2 tsp. per sandwhich) on top of the relishes.

You can't feel any difference in texture with the addition of Flax seed and you probably won't even taste the flax seed but it does give a very faint nutty flavour.  And it is SO good for you!

This is when you add your grated cheddar cheese then top it with the other slices of bread (butter side up). When side one is toasted nicely, carefully turn the sandwiches over.

I used two spatulas to do this, one to turn and one to hold the bread together so the filling would not spill out. Squish the sandwich down and toast the second side.

When the sandwiches are a nice golden brown and the cheese is melted, remove from the griddle and enjoy!


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