Not Your Usual Grilled Cheese No. 4 - with Mac & Cheese and Bell Peppers

Not Your Usual Grilled Cheese No. 4 - with Mac & Cheese and Bell Peppers
Another yummy Not Your Usual Grilled Cheese Sandwich! If you want to see the first three I created, click on the topic Grilled Cheese

This one has an egg cooked inside a sweet bell pepper ring, topped with cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and my homemade macaroni and cheese. I would have added bacon and tomato if I'd had any!

 I put each pepper ring in a frypan with a bit of margarine and sauteed it slightly. I tossed the mushrooms in the same pan, but off to one side.

When the bell peppers were partially cooked, I added an egg to each, then broke the yolk. The egg ran out of the rings so next time I would lightly beat the eggs with a fork and pour them in until they reach the top of the pepper ring.

I turned the egg-bell pepper over to cook the yolk and topped each one with a piece of cheese. 

Meantime I heated leftover Macaroni and Cheese in my microwave. Next step was to start grilling the bread (one side only) When each half of the bread was golden brown, I started layering - egg and cheese, mushrooms, mac & cheese then topped it off with the other piece of bread for each sandwich.

I pressed the sandwich down to squish the ingredients and let it cook a bit more then carefully turned it over to grill the other piece of bread.

Cut in half and enjoy! You could have ketchup or salsa or sweet chili sauce as a dip for this scrumptious sandwich.

Saute the mushrooms and pepper rings
See how the eggs ran out the bottom of the pepper rings? That's why next time I'm beating the eggs first with a fork and then slowly adding. But even though they look messy they still tasted yummy!
Eggs have been flipped and cheese added. Once again I forgot to buy "real" cheddar cheese and had to make do with processed cheese slices.
Let the layering begin! Egg-Pepper-Cheese then mushrooms then mac & cheese then top with second slice of bread
Ready to cut and enjoy.



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