Crab Caesar Salad

Crab Caesar Salad
Okay this is pretty easy but I'm going to share it with you anyway. I've been craving crab for a few weeks now, and it's so hot where I live that I didn't want to cook. The solution? Crab caesar salad with nice fresh rolls.

All you need is Romaine lettuce, a chunk of REAL frozen crabmeat (not the phony stuff in the cans), shaved Parmesan cheese, homemade croutons (I detest store bought croutons but hey if you like them by all means use those instead!) and Caesar dressing. 

Crab Caesar Salad

For the dressing you can make your own or use storebought if you like that. We buy the best Caesar dressing ever at a local restaurant. The chef makes his own and it is the best I've ever had. So why mess with perfection?

Wash the lettuce, dry it well and tear it into pieces the size you like. We have to chop ours pretty small because I can't digest larger pieces very well. That's because lettuce is an insoluble fibre and I don't do well with those foods.

Now crumble the crab meat and put it on top. Add your dressing to taste and mix well. Toss some croutons on and lots of shaved Parmesan cheese and you're good to go!

All this salad needs is a bowl of homemade soup and rolls to be a complete and divine meal. I like it with my lentil soup, it just seems to go very well but it's also yummy with homemade cream of cauliflower soup.

Crab, Salad Dressing, Lettuce
Mixing everything together (including homemade croutons)
Parmesan Cheese added, almost ready


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