Dehydrating Rhubarb - Fun and Easy!

 Rhubarb. Such an amazing food! I have rhubarb growing in my garden and it's one of my favourite things to freeze or dehydrate for winter cooking.

If you missed my blog post on freezing rhubarb, here it is. But if you want to dehydrate rhubarb, I'm going to show you how I do it. Super easy!

And when you're ready to cook with it, just rehydrate it overnight in a pan or bowl of water. Drain the next morning and use in your recipe as you normally would.
First cut the rhubarb into chunks about 1 inch long
Next wash and drain the chunked rhubarb in cold water
Now spread the chunks of rhubarb on your dehydrator trays.
Here's the rhubarb in the dehydrator

Set your dehydrator to 135' and leave it for about 10 hours. You may have to leave the rhubarb a few hours more, just check it every so often. It should be nice and dry and shriveled up. See the difference when the rhubarb is almost ready?

And here it is in a jar. I don't use expensive Mason Jars for my dehydrate fruits and vegetables but you can. I prefer to use clean jars that I've saved from such things as Salsa or Pickles or... whatever
Last you should label your dehydrated food with the date and the name of the food. I also like to add a note that shows me the amount I started with (such as 6 cups of rhubarb) and the final dehydrated amount. That helps me remember how much I need to take out and rehydrate to end up with a specific number of cups.

Now I'm ready to make Rhubarb Loaf in January when there's a blizzard out there!


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