Watermelon Fruit Roll Ups

Watermelon Fruit Roll Ups
Most dehydrating books says you can't dehydrate watermelon. But I decided to give it a try when hubs and I peeled the rind off of 4 large watermelons and cut 48 cups of white rind to make watermelon pickles.

I didn't want to waste all that nice pink-red watermelon that is so yummy to eat raw!

Since I also didn't want to feed it to our pigs, my only option was to try dehydrating it.

Watermelon in Dehydrator

What I did was make sure the watermelon was about 1/4 inch thin, removed as many seeds as I could see.

I did buy seedless but there's always a few,  and then set my dehydrator to 135'.
After about 8 hours I had what looked like fruit rollups - they were sticky and pliable and tasted pretty darn good.

Watermelon Roll Ups Almost Done
Then into a clean glass jar they went and I now have Watermelon Jelly rolls.

Wish my grandchildren lived nearby because if they did I would pack these in their lunches for treats at school.

Watermelon Roll Ups in Jar

Watermelon Rind for Pickles
Tomorrow I am cooking up my 48 cups of white watermelon rind for Watermelon pickles. I love it when I haven't wasted one single bit of the food source except for that hard inedible green outer rind.


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