Ollie's Cheese Omelette

Omelettes are one of my favourite food items to make. Omelettes are basically a mixture of beaten eggs and milk with whatever vegetables and herbs you like. 

I usually add green onion fresh from our garden if I have it, red pepper, various herbs from my garden (parsley, chives, thyme, oregano) and cheese. Salt and pepper are to taste.

After you mix the eggs (4 eggs makes a nice supper size omelette) and a bit of milk, you heat some butter or margarine in a skillet. When the butter is sizzling (but not burning!) pour in the egg mixture. Then toss in your finely chopped herbs and onion.

As the omelette cooks it will start to come up in big bubbles. You have to gently lift the edges while tipping the pan so that the liquid egg runs underneath. That's what cooks the omelette so you don't have to flip it over.

When you see only a little bit of liquid egg on top, add the cheese. 

My Omelette Packets
I like to cut the omelette in half when it is almost done, then I gently fold the edges over from each side, to make a small folded packet. I let the two packets cook a little bit longer and then they go on the plate.

If I'm making these for supper, I usually steam some asparagus and make country biscuits. Yummy and filling!


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