Planting My Herb Garden

 Well, hubs and I bought the herbs I wanted for my herb garden this year. I got 8 plants of thyme and 8 of sage, 2 each of oregano, rosemary, basil, marjoram, parsley, mint and cardamon.

Because I can't crouch or kneel or stoop due to physical limitations, hubs set up sturdy plastic shelves for me last year and I did my herbs in window boxes on the shelves. It worked great, so this year I bought more.

Hubs had to plant them for me as exhuastion quickly sets in when I try to do things like that. He carefully took each little plant out of its plastic container and set them in the window boxes - 4 to each box.

When they have grown and spread, I'll harvest them in the fall and dry them inside the house on drying racks. Parsley can't be dried but I'll put it in ice cube trays to freeze in small blocks.

 Meantime I'll be enjoying my fresh herbs all summer long in various recipes! Then in the late winter I'll still have fresh sage, thyme and marjoram for the turkey at Christmas. Yum!

I am not likely to use the mint but I wanted to experiment with making mint tea

After hubs planted my herbs where I wanted, I labelled each one with white "stakes" with their names. That's not for me, as I know what each herb is! But I often send hubs or a family member out to cut a few fresh leaves for me while I'm making supper, and no one recognizes anything except parsley!

If I send my son out for thyme he's as apt to return with a handful of basil leaves. So hopefully the white labels will solve that little problem.

Here's an interesting book on growing herbs for anyone interested in starting. It's a great way to enjoy fresh tastes all year long and they smell wonderful when drying inside in the winter.


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