Making Chicken Stock with a Food Pod

This is my new Food Pod. I'm using it today for the first time as part of my Chicken Soup making routine.

First I roughly chopped carrots, celery and onion, then put them inside the Food Pod (in the ligher yellow part). I added a sprig of fresh thyme, then closed the pod (the darker yellow part with the long handle is the "lid")

The Food Pod can be placed in boiling water such as in a stew pot or chicken stock pot and left there while you make your dish.  That's what the long handle is for. You drape it over the edge of the top of the pot and put the lid on.

Apparently when my stock is done, I'll be able to remove the pod by it's handle and bingo, no messy vegetables to try to get out of the stock water.

Here's another picture I took of the Food Pod

The Pod sits beside my Crock Pot just before I put it in with the chicken carcass. I also put lots of salt, pepper, fine herbes and a bit of cumin in the pot with the chicken.

And here is the pod stuffed into my crock pot with the chicken carcass.  The Pod is supposed to hang nicely and float in the liquid but it was a bit squished and short of room here.

Next step - time to add the leftover vegetable water that I always save and keep in my freezer. I have several containers of vegetable water in the freezer and they all got added today.

After this mixture cooks on high for several hours and the meat has fallen off the chicken bones, I'll strain the liquid and have yummy stock for soup.

Then I'll let the meat and bones cool enough that I can strip all the meat and cut it into very small pieces. Using the stock plus a cup or two of the meat, and vegetables I'll make chicken soup - either with rice or beans or pasta. I'll write out the recipe for that in my next blog post


damarisfish said…
I thought you were kidding on facebook - a food pod - ha,ha.
That's a neat idea. Thanks for the demo!

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