Sprouting: Lentils Day 3 (Fail)

Well, it's Day 3 and the Lentils are ready to eat. I was really looking forward to this as I love lentils.

I eat Lentil Soup, I put lentils in Chili, I just all-round enjoy them!

I tried a few. Bitter! Burning my tongue. Hmm that does not seem right. Gave a spoonful to hubs. He agreed they were horrid. Hubs said they had a bitter musty taste.
Here's the question - did I do something wrong? I followed instructions but maybe I messed up.

Is this how they are supposed to taste?

Is there a difference in taste in black lentils, green lentils and the other colours

Were the seeds bad to start with?

But there's always a positive side to any experience. We fed them to our two pigs, Piggly and Wiggly. They seemed to enjoy them. But I have a huge bag of black lentil seeds that still need sprouting! All that work for two pigs? I dunno.....


Did you sprout your lentils in the dark & then green them up??
When I used to sprout mixed seeds decades ago, I did them in the dark...
Why not try again, varying different conditions till you hit paydirt/water!!

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