Sprouting: Lentils Day 2

My black lentils which I started sprouting yesterday morning had to soak for 8-12 hours. So last night before bed I rinsed and drained them. I will have to do that each morning and evening until the sprouts are ready.

Here's the routine that hubs and I followed and will follow for the next few days:

1. Drain any water in the outer container.

You can save this water for making soups if you want to. Just put it in a plastic tub with your other saved vegetable water (you do save the water you cook your vegies in, don't you??) and toss it in the freezer for later use

2. Rinse lentils under warm water for 5 minutes, being sure all lentils are rinsed well

Here's what the lentils look like on Day 2

3. Drain the rinse water by shaking, bumping and rotating the inner container. Be careful not to toss your lentils out of the top! Keep shaking the container until no water splashes out

4. Place inner container inside outer container, being sure to hook it on the little plastic ledges so that the lentils are not sitting in water. Hooking the inner compartment leaves about 1 inch of free space at the bottom between inner and outer - room for excess water to drain off.

5. Put vented lid or domed vented lid on top of sprouter and place in a warm spot. You need diffused light but not direct sunlight on your seeds as they sprout

Remember to rinse and drain the lentils every morning and every night.