White Sauce the Easy Ollie Way

White sauce is easy to make if you follow a few simple steps and you need to stir constantly.

For 1 cup of sauce you need 1 cup of liquid (milk or vegetable water or whatever your recipe calls for)
You also need 1 TBSP of margarine and an equal amount of white flour.

Take a teflon saute pan or fry pan (deep) and bring margarine to a bubbling state. Do NOT let it burn or go brown! Turn the heat down to medium and add an equal amount of flour. Mix to make paste type lumps. This creates what is called a ROUX.

SLOWLY begin to add your liquid to your ROUX, stirring constantly. Add a wee bit at a time and stir so that the ROUX stays smooth. If you add too much liquid too fast, the ROUX goes lumpy.

Keep stirring and adding liquid until you have a nice thick creamy sauce. Don't let it bubble too fast, that means your heat is too high.

Depending what you are making, you may want to add herbes or other items such as cheese.

There are a few tips to salvage a white sauce that isn't going well.... if it's too thin, you can add white veloutine (a powder for thickening sauces. Don't use the brown or you'll have a brown sauce!)

If your sauce is lumpy, just strain it through a fine strainer/sieve and you will have a nice smooth sauce.

The only thing you can't salvage is if you burn the margarine. So be careful to not have your heat too high.


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