Roast Chicken with Vegetables

I love Roast Chicken with Vegetables. It's so easy and yummy! Plus there are leftovers which is always a bonus.

To make this supper for your family, you will need the following:

one roasting chicken, whatever size you like. We use our own farm-fresh meat chickens, but you can also purchase a roast chicken from the grocery store. You can also make this dish with chicken pieces, as in the photo at left which is with chicken thighs

carrots cut into medium size chunks
Potatoes cut into medium size chunks
2 onions, quartered

Fine herbes, salt, pepper
White wine

Roasting a whole chicken with vegetables
Place the chicken in a large roasting pan. Pour 1 cup of white wine over. Wash and prepare the carrots and potatoes, then place them around the chicken. Put in the onions, then sprinkle with generous amount of fine herbes, salt and pepper to taste.

Cover then cook in a 350' oven using the formula of 25 minutes per pound. For the last 30 minutes of cooking you need to remove the lid.

You can see what the chicken should look like when cooked but not dry! The skin should be nicely browned, the legs falling apart slightly.

You can add any other vegetables you like, my family prefers the simplicity of carrots and potatoes.

I save the chicken carcass and the liquid to make chicken soup. You can make a gravy out of the liquid if you prefer.


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