Setting a Spring or Easter Theme Table

The photos here show more of a Spring Theme Table Setting rather than Easter, but you could easily nudge it into Easter with a few minor changes. The eggs in the centrepiece I've chosen to use, already say "Easter", so just switch out a few of the more formal Spring pieces such as the salt and pepper shakers in the next photo, for Easter.

This centrepiece is one of two I have for Spring Tables. I find my table setting accessories in junk stores, flea markets and antique stores, but I don't pay much for them! This object caught my eye because of its colours. I knew I could fill it with coloured eggs or flowers or anything I wanted, and create a pretty centrepiece. My second centrepiece for Spring is on the right

The ornate salt and pepper shakers and Victorian covered butter dish go well with a more formal Spring Table - for example, a nice luncheon with your lady friends.

Remember to stick with one theme and one colour scheme. I am using pink and green with a Spring theme, and I've decided to go slightly formal. If I went pink and green with Spring but casual, my table setting accessories would have to reflect that. So I could get rid of the formal butter dish and replace it with a nice little solid green depression glass open dish with butter in it.

On this table I have fancy teacups (again in pink and green) for my rather formal luncheon but if it were more casual I would change them. I'll show photos of a more casual Spring/Easter table in another post. I also have old mismatched china in a variety of designs, but all carrying the pink and green colour theme. Because this is a more formal table setting, I've also added the Victorian candle snuffer (it looks like a pair of scissors and is in front of the centrepiece).

You can also see the two different napkin holders I am using - the rabbit is for children and the Victorian figural bird theme one for adults. I could use the rabbit holders for everyone, adults and children alike.

Because I'm using a lot of different patterns and shades of pink and green, I would calm everything down slightly by using some solid colours - such as solid green glass depression glass serving dishes. I like to use my green depression glass mixing bowls that I showed in my Trifle Recipe on this blog. I'd also use solid green candles in a formal candleholder (still sticking with the formal idea)

I should add that the napkin pictured here is one of the many vintage and antique white linen napkins I buy. They don't have to match or be the same size, how easy is that!

Likewise, the water jug is one of four I have which are clear Depression Glass Water pitchers. I like my water jugs to match so over the years I've managed to find four with the same pattern. I only buy ones with small imperfections so that I am not paying huge dollars for them!


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