Getting it Eggsactly Right

Photo of Barnyard co-operation. These are a few of our laying hens (chickens), guinea fowl and rabbits, all of which roam freely on our hobby farm.

We have laying hens. Our eggs are always fresh and our chickens are free range, meaning they roam the property eating bugs, seeds, worms and everything that chickens are meant to eat. This affects the taste and colour of the eggs - they are stronger flavoured than store-bought and have darker, almost orange yolks.

If you haven't got laying hens in the backyard, buy whatever eggs you want. It's a myth that brown eggs are better than white. They are brown because the hen laying them had brown feathers, no other reason. White eggs are from a hen with white feathers. The colour of the eggs does not affect the flavour nor does it mean that one is healthier or better than the other.

Free-range eggs from a grocery store don't mean much flavour-wise but it does mean the chickens have not been kept in little boxes barely able to move. So if you're in favour of being kind to chickens, buy free-range.

Only a local farmer will have true free-range eggs because that means the chickens (like ours) range free and eat whatever they find outside.

Organic eggs may be better for you but flavour-wise there is no difference.


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