Diana's Trifle

I love Trifle. It's a rich English dessert and is absolutely yummy when made correctly. You can not take shortcuts with Trifle! No cheating allowed - no instant puddings, no Cool Whip or Canned Whip Cream. Please! If you are going to make Trifle, take your time and enjoy the experience.

This Trifle Recipe is a mixture of my former English sister-in-law Diana's recipe, and mine. I use Ladyfingers, Diana uses Swiss Jelly Roll (kind of cheating?)


Take a Swiss Roll & Jam. Slice it and put in the bottom of a huge glass bowl, also up the sides until the bottom and sides are covered. I use a beautiful antique crystal punch bowl given to me by my mother-in-law. The dish you use to make the Trifle in is important as half the enjoyment of Trifle is in the display before it is eaten.

Pour a generous 1/2 cup of very good Sherry over the Swiss Roll.

Make red jello (I use Raspberry flavour) using 1/2 cup less water than called for. Before it sets completely but when it is cool, pour it over the Swiss Roll.

Decide what fruit you will use in your Trifle. Please, no canned fruit! I use raspberries but you can use strawberries if you like. There are some lovely frozen fruits available now so you can make your Trifle even in the middle of winter.

Place the fresh or frozen fruit over the red jellow. When the red jello is set, make green jello (lime flavour) being sure to use about 1/2 cup less water than called for. When the green jello is cool, but not set, pour it over the fresh fruit and red jello in your bowl.

When the green jello is completely set, make your custard. Diana swears that Bird's Custard is the only one you must use; I prefer Horne's Custard. Make about 2 cups of custard following the directions on the box or canister of custard powder. You want the custard to be quite thick. When it is cool but not completely set, pour it over the jello. When the custard is completely set, make whip cream using a medium-size carton of whipping cream. Add a little bit of fine sugar to the whip cream if you like it a bit sweeter.

Spread the whipped cream on top of your bowl and then decorate with shaved chocolate.

This is such a beautiful dessert, you won't want to dish it up to your guests!


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